The ultimate team back in the pond…


At Fish Slap Gaming, we pride ourselves on being competitive, we have a number of teams already playing either Call of Duty, but we also have a number of FSG teams that are available for people to build their own team under the FSG brand, we basically give you the use of one of the teams listed below, you choose your team Captain and bring in your team, you then run that team for however long you want, we put you in touch with other teams to play against, and give you any help or support you need, the only thing we ask is that ALL members of the team use our FSG tags in games, and all members are 18 or above.

If you decide at any-time you no longer wish to use the team, or you are the team Captain and want to leave, you simply let FSG know and we either find a new Captain for the team or if the full team has given up, we just take control of the team and logo again.

If you use one of our FSG teams, you can only use it only for online games in the UK, this means you need to build a UK only team, so when you come to play Scrim’s you will all be on the same time zones.

The reason we are able to do this is because over the years we have taken over a number of other UK Clan/teams brands which we now hold and sometimes run these as extra FSG teams as we have rights to the brand logos.

If you would be interested in running one of the following teams as a FSG team, please get in touch.

FSG – Death Squad Gaming
FSG – Cobra Esports
FSG – Ultimate Gaming Team
FSG – Pure Esports
FSG – Retribution Blue Esports
FSG – No Gamer Left Behind
FSG – United Legions
FSG – Vortex Nation
FSG – Shark Esports
FSG – DV8 Esports
FSG – Northern 9
FSG – Laminar Flow Esports
FSG – Vengeance Midnight
FSG – Pyro Esports
FSG – Vengeance Surging
FSG – Retribution Red Esports
FSG – Orca Team
FSG – Laminar Rising Esports
FSG – Galaxy Rebels

Of course, if you prefer to just play casual in a Clan that’s cool too, we have been around since 2014, and have built a fun, relaxed Clan, for all to enjoy, all we ask is that you are over 18 years of age, living in the UK and have a working headset with working mic to communicate when playing.

FSG also owns the UK Central COD Scrim Hub, which is a group setup for Clan Leaders to ask each other for Scrims as an when they require, it makes it easy for Call of Duty Clans to sort Scrims, if you are a Call of Duty Leader either via FSG or have your own team and would like to be added to the UK Central COD Scrim Hub drop us a email, you must have a solid team of 6 players ready to play, for more details drop us a email at