The ultimate team back in the pond…

UKFSG Gaming Rules

1) All Members of Fish Slap Gaming must be aged 18 years or over.

2) All Members are invited to use our UKFSG Messenger Chat & In Game Regiment to meet everyone, and to chat and arrange games etc.

3) ALL Members have the choice to wear our UKFSG tags, but this is no longer a requirement to join us.

4) We do not allow any members of UKFSG Fish Slap Gaming to be part of any other clan or team, as this is strictly not allowed, anyone found to be a member or being involved with another clan or team will be asked to leave UKFSG Fish Slap Gaming with immediate effect.

5) Every three months we do a members call out in our chat, just to see who is active in game and chat, just so we can keep up to date and make sure we only have active members in the Community if for any reason you have been inactive within our Community for more than three months and haven’t told us your away for a while, then your membership can be terminated at that point, once your membership has been terminated by us or you have left and then want to re-join, unfortunately this will not be possible.

6) As a Community we will not tolerate any form of cheating in game, hacking, or promoting on our Website, Facebook page, or any of our Messenger or Discord chat pages, anyone found doing this will be asked to leave or removed instantly from UKFSG Fish Slap Gaming without any notice.

7) Whilst swearing and banter in game is to be expected you must bear in mind that children, young adults and impressionable persons in lobbies, may hear you and you should think about modifying your language as appropriate.

8) Please do not argue with members in any of our chat or any other groups representing UKFSG Fish Slap Gaming if you have an issue please talk to one of our admins, who will try and resolve the issue out of chat for you, anybody found to be causing trouble or annoying members in chat for no reason will be either given a warning or depending on the issue, may be removed with immediate effect without notice. Our UKFSG Fish Slap Gaming Members are important to us, and we don’t want anything or anyone causing trouble in our Community.

9) We do not permit other Clans to advertise on any of our channels.

10) All admins are here to help with any gaming related issues you may have, we all try and help where possible so if you want to know something please just ask a member of the team.

** Please note these rules are subject to change at any time, but are correct at February 2024.