The ultimate team back in the pond…

UKFSG Recruitment

Welcome to Fish Slap Gaming (UKFSG) established a century ago in 2014.

  • Are you a Call of Duty Player
  • Play Multiplayer, Warzone or Zombies
  • Can you only play a few nights a week
  • Bored of playing alone
  • Would you like to have friends to play with when your on

UKFSG is an established Worldwide group for Call of Duty players, designed for people who have a family or other commitments, and can only play when they have the odd hour here and there, unlike other Communities we don’t focus on teams anymore, as over the years we have been involved in Leagues and matches etc, but these days being on for a few hours a night, with who ever can, and playing what ever we decide on the night, is what we are about.

We don’t force anyone to play more than they can, we have a very laid back attitude unlike other Communities, and are happy to play as an when our members want.

We have a dedicated Community of players all from all over the world which have young families with similar interests, and come together to have an hour or so of relax time away from everything, to just chile and have a laugh with like minded friends.


  • Must be 18+
  • Join our Main Messenger Group Chat
  • Join our in game COD UKFSG Regiment Group (so you can see who is available to play)
  • You can of course wear our prestigous UKFSG tags if you would like, but this is NOT a requirement

If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of just drop us your FULL Activision#Numbers name to and we will be in touch.

UKFSG is just about a few hours of fun a night to relax, and basically have a good old fashion laugh  !!!

Hope to see you for a game or two soon

(UKFSG) FishSlapFreddy – Leader