The ultimate team back in the pond…


FSG Gaming Hub

At Fish Slap Gaming, over the years we have always used Facebook Messenger to communicate as a Clan during the day, and to arrange games, matches in the evenings. This is still the main form of general chat we like to use, and we now have an individual messenger chat for each of the four games we play headed up as “FSG “Game Name” this will allow each group to just chat about things for that certain game, of course you will be entered in to all the chats you play the games for.

FSG Discord Server

We now play a number of cross platform games, Call of Duty, Warzone, Apex Legends & Fortnite this means we have members running on Playstation, XBox & of course PC. So that we can all communicate we now have a NEW discord Server, giving us a cross platform for communication.
If you are a FSG member and play any of our cross platform games, you will be invited to join our Discord Server to be able to communicate with other members whilst playing.