The ultimate team back in the pond…
  • Welcome to Fish Slap Gaming...

    Established in February 2014, Fish Slap Gaming is probably one of the most organised, and friendly UK Clans you will come across.

    We are a group of friends who regularly play Call of Duty Multiplayer and Warzone, we're a competitive bunch, but at the same time we like to take things not too seriously. As most of us have hectic lives and families, by having a few games in the evenings and weekends, it helps us to all relax and wind down.

  • Over the past eight years, (FSG) Fish Slap Gaming has been driven to success, we started in 2014 and built friendships with other Clans in the UK, and moved on to built a monthly calendar of matches playing Call of Duty multi-player against other UK Clans.

    We then helped a number of Clan leaders put together the (EUCGL) European Community Gaming League in which 60 or so EU teams played together over a number of years, moving on from there we also played in Epic Clans, playing against other Warzone Teams in the UK.

FSG - MWII Elite Squad

MWII Leader - FishSlapFreddy

FSG - MWII Regiment

MWII Regiment Captain - Position Available

FSG - Warzone 2 Squad

Warzone 2 Captain - Position Available

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